Home – what it means??!

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Home – merely a place to put a head down or something much more significant?!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary home is a noun and means various things, just see below:



\ ˈhōm  \

plural homes

Definition of home

 (Entry 1 of 4)

1a: one's place of residence: DOMICILEhas been away from home for two weeksa place to call home

b: HOUSEseveral homes for sale in the area

2: the social unit formed by a family living togethertrying to make a good home for their childrencomes from a loving home

3a: a familiar or usual setting: congenial environmentalso : the focus of one's domestic attentionhome is where the heart is

b: HABITATthe home of the kangarooThe island is home to many species of birds.

4a: a place of originsalmon returning to their home to spawnalso : one's own countryhaving troubles at home and abroad

b: HEADQUARTERS SENSE 2home of the dance company

5: an establishment providing residence and care for people with special needshomes for the elderly

6: the objective in various gamesespecially : HOME PLATE


I just wanted to reflect a bit on the word “home” which we use every day.  What is home for you?

For me it is a place where I feel happy, at peace, warm and connected.  It is a place where I decide what colors the walls will be painted, where I can make a mess and not fix it right away but take my time, place where I can just be…, where I don’t have to be a task master.  It is much more than just a building because we visit many buildings every day and nothing quite gives us that “homey” feeling as the place where we are intimately connected to.  Little condo can feel like home and big mansion can feel impersonal and cold.  It all about the connection because home is really a special place for each and everyone of us.

As a realtor, my biggest task is to help my clients to find a home, not a building.  I have been working with many clients over last 5 years and I can tell that that “homey” feeling is something that one cannot see on the pictures on the internet or on a video call.  You have to see it in person and feel the space, area, neighborhood.

Finding that right home, is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives…, a decision that will affect as daily.  

The advice I would give everyone is as follows:

1. Don’t compromise when choosing your home on the big non-negotiables on your list.

2. Love the place where you want to settle.

3. Envision your new life in the new place you going to call home.

Indisputably, home gives us roots, gives us attachment and sense of security, so listen to your gut and heart instead of your brain or just the balance sheet.  I am not saying to purchase more than you can afford, but rather what I am saying is to spend your money where it matters most and where the money will make you most happy. 

Often, people love a place but it is a bit outside of their budget in comparison to a place that “makes more sense” budget wise. However, if you cannot stop thinking about the place you love, go after it and you surely be happy in the long run.

Realize that you can’t return the home the next day because something broke or because you changed your mind. Home is a long-term relationship, a big commitment and life changing adventure.

Let me know if I can help you in your search for your next home…..or if you are ready to move to new home, because the current one doesn’t feel right anymore, I am just a text or call away.

Written by Katarzyna Kujawa

Credit to: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/home